Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana is currently an illegal drug that is widely used in the United States. It is very popular with adolescents and young adults, who may actually use the substance on a day to day basis. The substance is still not legal in majority of the States, although recently there were some States that got the law passed to have Marijuana legalized in their region. Even though some States legalized the drug, there are still States that would never want to legalize Marijuana. Which causes a major issue right now in this society of whether or not the entire United States should pass this legalization law. Society is not unanimous because they have mixed feelings about the issue. There are several reasons as to why people want the law to pass, and why they wouldn’t want the law to pass. I believe that Marijuana should be legal in the United States and the reasons people fear of this legalization is because they are not familiar with the drug but they are familiar with the reputation that Marijuana may seem to have. I believe one of the main reasons people are against legalizing Marijuana is because they believe it is a gateway drug to other harder drugs. But my question is, how could Marijuana be any sort of gateway? Who is to say Marijuana is the gateway to harder more addicting drugs and alcohol isn’t (with alcohol being legal in the United States). I think if a person chooses to use Marijuana or any…

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