Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

1088 Words Dec 17th, 2015 5 Pages
This question has be argued back and forth for why or why it shouldn’t be legalized for centuries. Before making a conclusion, research is highly needed. Many people argue that marijuana is an abomination that shouldn’t be used because of things like the dangers of marijuana and how it can end your life. Many other people see the greater good of the drug and how it can be used to treat many diseases and sicknesses and can also help stress and ease minds. Now no one has ever died of Marijuana overdose and marijuana can be addictive but not as addictive as some things we use every day. Alcohol and tobacco are the most harmful substances that are legal. They are a lot more that are more dangerous than weed, so why is something more dangerous to others and the user itself legal when something that doesn’t harm others and has low harmful rates for the user illegal?

Marijuana can affect users just like any other drug can. The effects of Marijuana are impaired coordination, difficulty thinking or concentrating, shortened attention span etc. Those are all short term effects. Long term users can experiences lowered motivation, higher anxiety, panic attacks and respiratory illnesses, they can also develop physical dependence on the drug itself and withdrawal can be a symptom if not given to the user. Marijuana can also lead to disturbed thoughts and can worsen into psychotic symptoms such as schizophrenics. Chronic marijuana can lead to a physical and psychological addiction.…

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