Should Latinos Be Considered A Race Or An Ethnicity? Essays

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The recent changes made by the 2020 Census, which would move Latinos into the race category, brings forward the discussion whether Latinos should be considered a race or an ethnicity. Even though society projects a single stereotype of what it means to be a Latinos, the Latino community is actually extremely diverse with no physical characteristics bounding them together instead the shared experience of being a Latino is the United States ties this heterogeneous group together. This understanding of each other on a cultural level and not on a physical appearance level is what makes Latinos an ethnicity and not a race.
While the Latino community contains a variety of people with different cultures, customs, races, and nationalities, they are bonded together by the shared experiences that are entitled to by being a Latino in the United States. For example, some Latino groups tend to fabricate an identity to avoid being targeted by either other Latinos or Americans. For example, in Juan Herrera’s “Racialized Illegality,” Herrera discusses the language discrimination against indigenous people by Latinos. In his article, he interviews Fernando, an indigenous day laborer, who addresses this subject by stating that “he and his peers preferred to use Spanish in public settings to shield themselves from angry stares” (19-20). This type of conformity is not an isolated event only experienced by indigenous migrants in the United States, but by other Latino groups, like Guatemalans…

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