Good Neighbour Policy

Katie Dunne

• How did the Good Neighbour Policy affect the representation of Hispanics in Hollywood?
The Good Neighbour policy was outlined by President Franklin D Roosevelt in his Inauguration Speech on the 4th of March 1933. In this speech, he outlined that unilateral intervention in Latin American affairs was ruled out. It was a policy of non-intervention and non-interference in Latin American domestic affairs in accordance to the Monroe Doctrine.
The main aim of the Good Neighbour Policy was to redefine the way in which the Americans saw and perceived Latin Americans.
The policy effectively ended in 1945 with the threat of the beginning of the Cold War.
One of the main aims of the Good Neighbour Policy was to reinforce the idea
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Prior to the establishment of the Good Neighbour Policy Latin Americans were usually stereotyped as slovenly peasants with a poor grasp of the English language spoken with a broad accent, as greaser bandits or as oversexed dancehall prostitutes. Latin America itself was portrayed as dirty small towns in rural areas. The Good Neighbour Policy aimed to eradicate these stereotypes and paint the Latin Americans in a fairer, true …show more content…
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