Should Junk Food Be Banned? School For Having Too Much Calories?

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Fast food restaurants are all around the city where Mike and his family live. Mike and his family enjoy eating fast food, because it’s cheap, and it’s served quickly. Mostly all of his family love eating junk food and Mike has a problem with it. When he goes to school, everybody eats junk food, and his worried about it because, he don’t want anybody to get sick, even his family. Although he enjoys eating fast food, he is still concern about his health and also the children, and family. Mike has to have evidence about why junk food should be banned in school for having too much calories, making children have diseases, and also how it can change students eating habits. Mike thinks that junk food should be banned because, many children are getting sick, and eating so much calories because of the sweets. Studies have shown, “more than 300 kilocalories students have been sugar-sweated per day.”(Blum, 216). He says that unhealthy food is detrimental to students, and schools have responsibility to protect their students from unhealthy foods. If students eat junk food, their bodies will be affected negatively. Therefore, Mike wants the school to play an important role, and to protect their school. The medical evidence indicates that genetics predispose a person to gain weight, whereas environment initiates and supports the reality of the person’s weight gain. Candy and snacks that are high in fat, such as cookies, cakes, or pastries are examples of non-nutritious foods. Mike…

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