Should Immigration Be Stopped? Essay

1156 Words Mar 5th, 2016 null Page
The melting pot, home of the brave, where millions of people call home; however, the United States (U.S.) has taken in so many people, different colors, and races. With this immigration policy some come legally and too many illegally. That can cause many problems in the most citizens think immigration should be stopped because the citizens are the ones that are suffering, but you also have to think of the reasons why they try to make their way into the U.S. There is three sides of every story, in this case there is the immigrants, the people that it is affecting, and the person standing back and watching. This is why we can’t jump into the concussion that it needs to be stopped, or just let us get overrunned. Why do you think immigration is bad? It is bad for our county, people, and our land.The are so many unemployed US citizens it is crazy. They can’t even get a job because the company can make is so much cheaper for themselves to underpay theses immigrants, than employ citizens. Some can’t even get on welfare because the government is to busy paying for immigrants to live, work, and get schooling.The population is grown so fast, that it is begging to be a problem for not just the people, but for the land. The Earth can only give so much, and we just keep taking and taking. Sooner or later it is going to give out, and the U.S. is going to be like Africa. How do they end up getting all of these benefits? The U.S. people are getting higher taxes to make the funding for…

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