Should Homeschool Students Receive The Same Benefits As Public School Students?

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Brainstorming Inquiry 3 Exercise

Step One Answer
The social issue that I have selected is on whether homeschool students should receive the same benefits as public school students. The various problems related to this issue are the school district income tax, the lack of College Credit Plus funding, and equality.

Step Two Answer
Problem One: School District Income Tax The problem with school district income tax is that homeschool parents are forced to pay this tax even though their children will not utilize any of the public school resources; school supplies or occupy a seat in a classroom. Homeschool students will not walk, graduate, and receive a diploma or go to a public school prom. The school district income tax also forces homeschool parents to pay for their children 's education twice. The money that homeschool parents pay in school district taxes could go towards a their children 's education, supplies or other expenses.

Problem Two: College Credit Plus Funding The problem with College Credit Plus funding for homeschool students is that homeschool students receive little to no funding when they apply. Homeschool students that apply for College Credit Plus funding are given low priority by the Ohio Department of Education in the allocation and distribution of funds. The first priority is given to public school students. The Ohio Department of Education fully funds every public school student accepted into the College Credit Plus program. The next priority is…

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