Student Neglect

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Student Neglect Students all around the world earn their education through public schools and gain the necessary education needed to flourish in their future lives. However, many children are not in schools at all, but they are in their own “schools” called homeschooling. To some parents this is a justified, and encouraged, structure of education and gives the children an opportunity to discover topics that several in-school children cannot experience while sitting in a classroom. Although this may seem a substantial process to teach children, are they really getting the ultimate education? Schools are meant to teach students additional information rather than just STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics that cannot be taught …show more content…
Children need to learn the value of being a student, and in saying so, students should not be permitted to be homeschooled. Homeschooling is defined as the teaching of school subjects to children at home, but what does this mean to the students and the teaching parents? In this generation, a majority of parents work and have important concerns that only they can do, so they cannot spend ample time teaching their children successfully. In turn, their definition of homeschooling is the teaching of school subjects to their children on their time, not when it should be taught. This results in many children not learning at the same rate as other children. According to Dawn C. Pitsch, mother and homeschooling teacher, on Today’s Christian Women, “It was a typical homeschooling day. My 8-year-old, Jason, walked into …show more content…
They refute by stating that they just do not want their little babies to be bullied or harassed by their fellow students. Well, that is what life is like, and the children need to learn to stand up for themselves or they will not ever succeed. Bullies are everywhere and they will never be gone, but they themselves are just children who do not want to be bullied. Homeschooling cannot teach the children the life lessons taught at public schools, such as how to work with other children their age. This also brings about social interactions that can be a problem with homeschooling. Students not only learn from their teachers, but also from those they work with in the classroom. “Most scholars view peer interaction, which generally centers on the school, as a critical component of this kind of socialization” (Coalition-Socialization). If the children being homeschooled do not learn how to interact socially with their peers, they may not learn to take other people’s thoughts into their ways of operating, and they may never learn the things only their age group can teach. Students need to be taught in public schools, so they will learn what it is to be their age. However, it just keeps fighting back with full

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