Essay on Should High School Students Take The Vce Exam

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Should High School Students Take the VCE Exam
The vigorous preparation for VCE exams that high school students face is a stressful and strenuous challenge. The high stakes, do or die high school VCE exams that the student faces is a crisis instead of graduation. Requiring students to take these exams is unfair due to its multiple reasons of unfairness and should not be a required. School board officials in Victoria should do away with these exams.

According to the....... show that the exams fail to accurately assess the standards of the students. These one size fits all exams assume that every student learns in the same way at the same time. Fortunately for society, young people have all kinds of intellect. Some excel at academic work, others have vocational or artistic talents that VCE exams do not measure.

The focus of my arguments for repealing VCE exams is that:
As always, there’s a concern for funding that exists and these exams prove to be very expensive. Many schools lack necessary funding needed to stay modernised and up to date with technology. These VCE exams are costly and very much a waste. There are other needs that this money could support such as books, computers, and supplies. Also, this money could lean toward the hiring of more teachers, so that amount of students in the classes become smaller and the students receive more personalised instruction.

My second argument to consider is the uselessness of the VCE exams. A study conducted by Charles…

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