Should High School Student Students? Essay

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By forcing a young adult who still has to ask for permission to use the restroom to choose a career path, their decision may not be well thought out. There are people that are in college who have yet to figure out what it is they want to be, so why should high school students? In high school a student’s biggest concern should be whether or not they go to the game or study for their mid-term. At seventeen and eighteen years old, or even younger, teens have not formed a mature outlook on the future. Therefore, if having to make a choice, the young, influential high school student may regret it in years to come. Committing to career at such a young age is not a good idea for the student or society as a whole. In high school, you are loaded down with four classes worth of homework, on top of extra-curricular activities and after school clubs. High school is said to be the best, most memorable four years of a teen’s life, so students should enjoy it by getting out to the football games, joining a club, and keeping up their social life. They should not be worried about what college will take them and which ones will not. The pressure and concern of such an important part of a child’s future should not rest in their own hands at such an immature age. Senior year of high school is the most stressful year for most students because they are taking college classes which doubles up their homework. From the first day of school until what seems to be the last seniors are fund raising for…

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