Should Gay Couples Be Legal? Essay

1418 Words Oct 30th, 2016 6 Pages
All children deserve the chance to be a part of a loving and nurturing family. Families usually include a single parent, or two loving parental figures, no matter what their sexual orientation is. There are so many opportunities for single people and couples to become the legal guardian/s of a child. However, it is a lot harder for gay couples to adopt children in our society. There has been an increase in the number of homosexual couples looking to adopt children recently in the United States. Ironically there is also a shortage of foster and adoptive parents. So the real question is should gay couples be able to adopt.
There are a number of different viewpoints on the issue of gay adoption. In my personal opinion, homosexuals should be able to adopt as long as they are able to provide the essential needs to provide for the child. I also believe that it is not fair to judge someone on their sexual orientation, just like it is not fair to judge someone on their religion or race. Some religions, such as Catholics, do not believe that children should be adopted by gay couples because they are being denied one parent. They think it is unhealthy for a child to grow up with one parent. In this day and age, there are several children that is a part of single parent families and have grew up to be very successful. I am sure that a foster child would prefer living in a loving and nurturing home with a nice gay or lesbian couple, rather than moving around from foster parent to foster…

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