Should Gay Adoption Be A Bad Choice? Essay

805 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
The topic that I was assigned was the affirmative side of gay adoption and initially I thought it would be a nightmare to defend. The only background knowledge that I had on the subject was that it was becoming a more common thing. It was also hard to defend because I was for gay adoption before I was assigned this role. So the question I kept asking my self was how to defend a topic from a different perspective then I am for. Another concern I came across in this topic was trying to stay away from religious standpoints on the topic and using factual information. After some hours of research online I was able to find factual evidence to support my reasoning why gay adoption would be a bad choice. Most of the information that would pop up was opinion or religious views on the matter. Then I stumbled across a new perspective from a social science a psychological stand point, that had studies and factual information to back their theories up. When I was constructing this debate I wanted to use no emotional appeals because the other team would have been able to state that the claims I was making are opinion base and not factual. So I only used factual evidence and renowned sources such as psychologist.

2. I think everyone on my team contributed equally to the debate and all brought their A game. We established a plan to equally split the workload, so no one was overwhelmed with too much work. Everyone did their own research and was given specific parts to go over in the…

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