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In the article "Say no to guns on college campuses" by Jade Reindl and Jean Cocco, they are trying to get the audience to see that guns shouldn’t be allowed on college campuses or any school campus at all. They also use good backup reasons to support the message they are trying to send, along with credible sources, making the article convincing.
The target audience isn't just other school students and academic audiences, but also Non-students because any and everyone can be affected by the issue that is being discussed. Cocco and Reindl use how the FSU president and the Police Chief are strongly opposed to the issues in the article. The article does a good job in having it stated how there are multiple people who are affected by the issue and uses ethos and pathos to help further show the impact it has upon others. The type of evidence used in the article is the fact that it states the emotional toll that the guns have caused on campus. There are multiple pictures in the beginning of the article of people showing their condolences from the deadly gun rampage that had been happening on a California campus. The pictures give a visual of the effects of the
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The points are factual and also have an emotional stance as well, as that is where the pathos comes along. Reindl and Cocco have a great organizational structure and flow to their article as well as using a vast variety of agreeable sources that are beneficial to the points they are making. The article has a broad viewpoint and is very persuasive and convincing to the readers. There's also sources like Hammer, that aren't completely moved by the editorial and seem to go into the opposite direction, which questions if the overall editorial is only taking one side into consideration. Ultimately, they got their points across to the audience in a structural, factual, emotional

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