Should Euthanasia Be Legal? Essay

1183 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Right To Die As medical technology advances, a vast amount of different opportunities arise, one of these being euthanasia of humans. Euthanasia is also called assisted suicide, but from a legal standpoint, it is debated whether or not euthanasia is considered murder. For some, they believe that euthanasia can be classified as murder because the doctor is the one who prescribes the lethal dosage of medication. But for patients who experience unbearable pain from a terminal illness, this practice is a last resort, and it should be their decision to make as the government has no legal position to tell them otherwise. As long as there are specific requirements in order to euthanize a person, it should be allowed. The practice of euthanasia should be done more often, and should be legal in more places throughout the world. Of the many countries in the world, euthanasia is only legal in about seven countries, and of the 50 states, euthanasia is currently legal in six states (“Euthanasia legal”). The conditions of the procedure vary depending on where it is being done. In many of the countries, active euthanasia is illegal; however, passive euthanasia is legal. Active euthanasia is the act of giving the patient a lethal dosage of medicine in order to end their life.Passive euthanasia is indirectly allowing the patient to pass away, such as taking a patient off of life support. Although active euthanasia is illegal, places such as Oregon may administer a lethal dosage of…

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