Should Death Be An Option When Life Is Not Worth Living? Essay examples

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Should death be an option when life is not worth living? That is the question hotly debated concerning euthanasia throughout history. Euthanasia can be defined numerous ways, because there are several types of euthanasia: voluntary active, involuntary active, passive, and the closely related physician-assisted suicide (Manning 2). In general, it comes from the Greek term “’good death,’ but in modern society it has come to mean a death free of any anxiety and pain, often brought about through the use of medication” (Manning 1). Everybody desires a “good death”, no one wants to suffer and die in pain. There are a number of historic and contemporary opposing views on euthanasia, in relation to suicide and assisted suicide with a concern on suffering, autonomy, and legislation. In addition to those views, I will expostulate my opinion on euthanasia on the basis of my Christian religious beliefs.
A main idea behind the support of euthanasia is that sick and dying people want to keep their dignity. For instance, some elderly individuals are frail and need nurses’ and family members’ assistance in order to function daily. Eventually, they come to the decision “that the quality of their life is so diminished that life is no longer worth living,” (Jonsen 49). This brings up the topic of active and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia is where the person in charge of the care of a suffering individual actively uses drugs, medicines, or poisons to immediately shorten or end the life…

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