Should Corporal Punishment Be Banned? Essay

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Summary of the Article
The article shows the top ten reported states that use paddling as a punishment in public schools, with Mississippi as the front-runner for the most reported paddlings. But, this is only the reported paddling, there is no telling of how much happens that is not reported to school officials. The Southern States are the most popular for corporal punishment in schools because of how religious these states and the people in them tend to be. “The Bible Belt states, where ardent Protestant Fundamentalism is strong, have been identified consistently as leading the nation in the use of corporal punishment as a disciplinary tool in schools (Milling, 1991)” (Richardson, 1994). This is mainly because of the amount of corporal punishment shown in The Bible and how people tend to follow what happens in the Bible very strictly. Following the Bible from a literal standpoint show the “benefits” of corporal punishment for children, which leads to allowing it in many different situations, whether that be home or in schools.
When this article was written--and still today, “Corporal punishment is forbidden to be used on persons in the military and in prisons, and on employees, and yet a recent report by the United States (U.S.) Department of Education indicates 613,514 instances of reported paddling in the nation 's schools during 1990” (Richardson, 1994). The article reports that, while this number is extremely high, the Department of Education found that corporal…

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