Should Conscription Be The Best Military? Essay

1467 Words Mar 4th, 2016 6 Pages
We all know that an All Volunteer Force (AVF) has been the norm since President Richard Nixon inaugurated it in 1973. The AVF definitely proved to be the right decision and to this day we have the best military in the world. Our military will continue to get better, more professional, and more educated as the years pass by. What is incomprehensible is how we as Americans take the AVF for granted and do not educate or influence our youth to serve proudly in our country. While conscription is definitely not the answer to this problem, let’s show the American people that we can’t continue to enjoy our freedom without volunteers of able and willing men and women. The influencers in our community must talk to and support our youth into serving our country. Furthermore, maybe a reminder of how great our force is and why it is that way might help shed some light on the subject.
Merriam-Webster’s definition of conscription is “1) The compulsory enrollment of persons especially for military service, 2) The practice of ordering people by law to serve in armed forces.” Conscription has been happening since the ancient Roman times. It was an honor to serve, so when men reached the age of maturity they had been groomed to serve. The conscripting of delinquents and criminals was something that also happened in those times. Conscription is something that devalues human rights. It makes a government fascist, also being told you have to serve doesn’t really serve as good morale…

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