George Orwell's 1984: A Comparison Of Patriotism And Patriotism

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Patriotism can in many ways be defined as the love one has for their nation or homeland. Patriotism appears in many ways, shapes, and forms across the world and has been evident for millenniums. The United States of America is filled with pride and love toward the nation and contains patriotism in almost every aspect. George Orwell writes in the novel 1984 about a dystopian society where everyone loves the Party and their nation Oceania. The United States of America and the nation of Oceania both hold a great sense of patriotism throughout both nations however the patriotism in each country is extremely different. In the novel 1984, Oceania was formed when the United States took over England and is controlled by the Party. The citizens of …show more content…
Whether it be soccer, the Olympics, politics, or warfare, the USA always bonds together to overcome an obstacle and the love of country is extremely evident in all of these cases. The United States definitely has some flaws just like any other country but it never fails to come together and show its unwavering patriotism when it is needed. Ever since the middle of the 1700s, the citizens in this nation have shown an unity wave of love and patriotism that eventually helped the colonists of the New World win the Revolutionary War against England. After winning the Revolutionary War, the United States showed the world its undying love and fighting spirit for their nation and that would prove to be a factor in many other events to come. In several wars that the United States fought him, they were outnumbered and outarmed however they managed to win the fight because they persisted through the fight in order to protect the country that they love. In modern times, the patriotism that started 250 years ago is still evident in our everyday lives. Almost all Americans are proud of the history and culture of the United States and show their pride to be an American everyday. The patriotism that the United States of America has proudly held since the mid 1700s has been a large factor in the foundation of the nation and will continue to play a part in longevity of the

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