Should College Year Be A Four Year College? Essay

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Students that plan on attending college should decide whether they want to attend a four-year college or a two-year college. When starting college, students need to know what the advantages and disadvantages are between the two college years. After seeing what the differences and similarities, are they will have to choose carefully on which college year is best for them.
There are many differences and similarities between a four-year and a two-year college. Students have to deal with the choices they make between the two college years. They have to worry about the housing and where they are going to live at. Also, they have to see if the college that they are attending has the major that they are looking for. These different college years offer cultures and different types of programs. Not to forget there is also the cost of what the colleges offer and which one is more expensive or less expensive. These students also have to make sure they save enough money to attend the college they want. After Interviewing student, Alexis Brown, she says “It’s expensive when dealing with both college years, but it’s also worth it if students want to just see how college goes and take up the experience of being a college student” (Brown).
However, students that want to attend a four-year college have choices. The choices include picking the different colleges to attend. They can also find multiple colleges that have what they want to major in. There are different choices students can make…

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