Essay about Should College Tuition Free College?

1124 Words Oct 16th, 2015 null Page
Should there be on a price to enhance and better one’s life? Some may say there isn’t but there surly is paying for a college education is just like paying to have a better life, so is it really worth it? Graduating high school is a stepping stone for most people and is a wonderful moment in life. Transitioning from high school to adulthood can have many complications to it and one of them is going off to college with it being so exciting and a great experience it can come with many hardships on its own and one is paying for college and the things you may need while there, which is why I impose that the government and the universities systems around the country make college tuition free. “Without education you are not going anywhere in this world.” With a degree coming with many advantages at your hand that wouldn’t be the same as a high school diploma it is extremely too expensive to go through school and obtain to make a better life for yourself. Many people coming from underprivileged homes, others working their way through school makes college harder than it should be. A key factor in today’s society to have a stress free life is a college education with that being so many people go off to college to satisfy these components out of life. In order to pay for a descent education you have to be practically rich, so how do average middle class people pay for college? Whether it be taking out loans, getting scholarships etc. Some money has to be paid out of pocket to…

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