Should College Tuition Be Free At The Public University And Community College Level?

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Nothing Personal Right? It’s Just Business.
The business model generating profits of selling the “American Dream” is not only morally wrong, but a ridiculing offense that should leave everyone angered and motivated to make the necessary steps towards progress. With that said, student debt has officially reached a whopping $1.3 trillion, quadrupling from $240 billion in 2003. If current borrowing patterns continue at this rate, debt will be estimated to inflate to $2 Trillion by 2025, leaving us, as a society, to pay off these debts for the rest of our lives. Although many may not agree, I believe college tuition needs to be free at the public university and community college level with the help of removing “predatory” for-profit schools. Mass revenue produced by a student’s aspiration for a better life needs to finally end.
Currently, adults with bachelor’s degrees, pockets a gross average of $48,500, while those with only diplomas are only earning an average $23,900, and while it’s true that about two-thirds of American jobs are expected to require some kind of post-secondary education by 2025, it 's obvious, that the need for a college education will vastly become mandatory. And while earners with a college degree, on average, makes $24,600 more than those without a degree, they are also burdened by an average of $37.172 of accumulated college debt. An average that fluctuates amongst those who either went to private colleges, public universities, for-profit (“technical”)…

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