Essay on Should College Basketball Be Banned?

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This post is going to be completely off topic, it has nothing to do with college basketball.

An incident occurred on a SUNY Albany bus in which students were physically attacked, and called racial slurs by fellow students.

I was going to wait until the video was released to say my piece, but since the story has now hit, and UAlbany held a rally Monday evening I figured I 'd give my two cents right now.

If you don 't know what incident I 'm talking about than you can read about it HERE

What I 'm going to say may not be popular, but it needs to be heard.

People can suck, regardless of their race or religion. We 've been trained since birth to see the differences in each other physically, there 's no way around it. What you can do on a daily basis is remind yourself that underneath someone 's physical appearance is exactly what you are... a human being.

It 's really that simple, stop for a second to think about how your fellow human being feels in a certain situation.

In my honest opinion racial issues stem from human 's need to blame others for their problems. It 's always easier to blame someone who is blatantly different than you for issues affecting your life.

We tend to only care about incidents that directly affect us or those that we feel could one day affect us personally. Incidents that happen in our community, or a community similar to ours, tend to grab our attention more than those that happen in communities that differ socioeconomically.

This is…

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