Should College Athletes Spend Playing Football? Essay

1542 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
Due to all the time D1 college athletes spend playing football, the NCAA should pay to support the cost of their. College athletes don’t have time to get a job because all there time is spent on practicing their sport, So they don’t have the money to pay for their college or any other thing that that need money for.

How should most of the Athletes that play a sport in college be able to pay for their schooling if they don’t have time for a job because they are always working on there sport 24/7. Athletes don’t get paid for playing a sport in college, but I think they should. “ College athletes want to do the best for what they came to college for, some of those are just for their sport.” The college kids come to college to do what they are best at, and some of them just come to college for their sport. Some also have a backup plan too, they go for their sport and what they wanna be if they don’t make it through their sport. College athletes don’t always get to choose what classes they take if they are just in college for their sport. College athletes never have any money because they don’t have any time to make any money. “ Athletes don’t have free choices if what major they take if the classes conflict with practice schedules.” If they get a scholarship they don’t get to pick all of their classes because they are just there for their sport. The college athletes don’t get to chose the classes sometimes, so it is very hard for some of these young men to do good in these…

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