Reasons For Civil Disobedience In The Book Persepolis

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Reasons Civil Disobedience Should Be Justified
I’m sure you’ve watched the news and heard of the many things that occurred around the world during 2017. A mass majority of people decided that it was their year to take a stand for what they believed in by protesting against their government. An example of civil disobedience was the march in London by Muslims protesting against ISIS in October. The protesting muslims were not happy with the rules and regulations that ISIS was setting forth to them, so they had to escape and protest peacefully from afar. The majority of times, protests are acts of civil disobedience which are refusals to comply with certain laws considered unjust, as a peaceful form of political protest. The real question is,
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This story shows how the people of Iran were the epitome of civil disobedience during the revolution. The people were protesting against their Shah’s right to stay in office. This was because the laws he put into place were deemed unfair to the people, by the people. In the text, Marjane stated that the people had to change their lifestyles because of the Shah. Females were forced to wear veils or else they would be punished and there could be no public displays of affection because it was against the new rules. The Shah arrested numerous people who went against laws and a majority of times they were executed. Civil disobedience can be justified because of the unfair laws and unnecessary killings of the …show more content…
was to encourage people to end discrimination, like segregation. Acts of civil disobedience were occurring during this time period because the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was taking place. People were standing up for the rights of blacks to have jobs and to have freedom from the whites. Because of a white based government, every act that took place was an act of civil disobedience because the people of the government didn’t agree with what the protesters were doing. The protesters were fighting for their freedom to live equally among everyone. King’s speech emphasizes this with his quote, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” This quote represents the dream for African Americans at the time. Because of the struggle and the injustice the protesters were going through, civil disobedience can be justified.
In the text “Cairo: My City, Our Revolution” by Ahdaf Soueif, a revolution was going on between the government and the people of Cairo. The protest itself was an act of civil disobedience because the people were trying to reclaim their city from the government. Citizens of Cairo banded together to represent all they wanted to stand for and exhibit to the regime that they refused to back down. The text stated, “We stood. That was our job, the people at the

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