Should Children Safe Proper Nutrition Or A Helmet? Essay

1469 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 6 Pages
Immunization, the Essential To keep children safe proper nutrition or a helmet when bike riding comes to mind, but vaccines are just as important and helpful. Immunizing children has daunting threats and caution signs plastered all over them, but the highly advanced medical systems of society today can disprove many threats of illnesses linked to vaccinations. Vaccinations are worth every penny compared to the financial tolls of most diseases. Also, immunizations not only protect a single child, but those around as well. Being informed is the number one way to make educated decisions on vaccines. Jumping to conclusions can be dangerous; however, research based proven facts are reliable and safe (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Saving families from disease related financial burdens, protecting others in the community, and the advanced effectiveness of vaccines today provide strong support for why immunizing a child in this interactive, advanced world is vital as well as necessary. Immunizations can save a family from severe financial burdens. Besides the physical ailments of vaccine- preventable diseases, such as pain extending to the neck and legs as well as muscle spasms, the consequences can extend beyond that (Decroes Jacobs). A child with a vaccine-preventable disease may be denied attendance to schools including, but not limited to child care facilities. Being deprived of education can set a child back in development and lead to further payments of…

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