Essay On Should Children Have Higher Test Scores

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“Tests have been made that showed that kids not only had better test scores after using a computer and the internet for six months, but they also had higher GPAs” (Williams). Letting children have access to the internet and computers is going to broaden what children are learning and let them choose what they are learning. Children having higher GPAs and higher test scores will help better schools. When a school board sees the children getting higher test scores or even parents that will cause a better review for the school which greatly benefits that school. Most children today have access to the internet and are able to get on and roam the internet freely at any time, without supervision. They have access to phones, computers, and tablets …show more content…
Erika Packard states “70 percent of students in CFY’s program consistently, say that having a home computer helps them become more curious and feel more confident” (Packard). When a child is more confident it helps later down the road when it comes to speeches and talking in front of a huge crowd. Children will have the courage to get up in front of people and talk about a certain subject because they are more confident. When a child is more confident it helps them throughout their whole life and will help them to be comfortable during interviews. If the child is comfortable in the interview they will most likely be able to talk freely and the interview will run smoothly helping them get the job. In addition to children being more confident the internet is used for many different activities, ranging from school papers to everyday life. The internet can be helpful in many different aspects. In fact today many jobs use the internet and technology for that specific job as a way to help communicate with others or to just simply do paperwork. “The internet is a powerful tool that is revolutionizing our children’s learning, communication and play” (Dugan). In the final analysis, big corporations, schools, doctor offices, hospitals, and many other places use computers and keep all records on computers knowing how to use them proficiently helps in the long run. When the child knows how to use these programs it makes them more socialized and confident in their

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