Essay about Should Carbon Tax Be Supported By Alaska?

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Should carbon tax be supported by Alaska?
Did you know Anchorage, Alaska raked 10 in the top 25 Cleanest U.S. Cities for Year- round Particle Pollution list by the American Lung Association in 2015? However according to an analysis done by “Alaska 's energy demand per person is third highest in the nation”.
Carbon dioxide is a one of the green house gases that keeps this planet warm enough for water to be liquid. However, an excess of these gases acts like a thick blanket on a hot summer night, making you warmer than necessary. To control these emissions from continuing to increase many countries have implemented a carbon tax. The carbon tax taxes the usage of fossil fuels to promote low-emission or sustainable sources of fuel. Alaskans should support the carbon tax to promote sustainable energy and set an example to the rest of the states and countries.
Carbon emission is something that has built up for years without being addressed and in order for changes to be noticeable it has to be done on a bigger scale. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, an ethicist, claims that unless everyone acts together, individual efforts to reduce emissions will have no effects on climate change. In his paper “It’s Not My Fault: Global Warming and
Individual Moral Obligations,” he gives the example of five people pushing a car over a cliff which in reality it takes just three people to push the car over. The additional person’s actions are neither necessary nor sufficient, however the action of…

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