Should Buy A Motorcycle? Essay

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I want to be free when I drive and at the same time I want to be safe. That is why it has been a tough decision of whether or not I should buy a motorcycle. It looks so enjoyable driving one but it definitely comes with its own risk. But that doesn 't mean the risk outweigh the rewards but not the less that requires my own acceptance of the risk. Which comes to the fact that I need to know all the risk and rewards that come with owning a motorcycle before I buy one. Motorcycles have that connotation of being very dangerous and reducing the lifespan of those who own one. That one is the one risk that makes me think twice whether or not I should buy one and it is a pretty big risk. It all depends if I should accept that fact and that just not worry about it or just accept the fact that I might not live for very long. The thing about these accident prone vehicles is that it is usually isn’t there fault in the first place. According to, “ Approximately ¾ of motorcycle accidents involve collisions with another vehicle, most often a passenger automobile.” Which means that these so called death machines are caused by others around them. I can definitely see why though. Driving around anywhere, and you can see just how badly people drive. A good amount of people don’t look when they turn and they also don’t signal that they are about to turn. They just do it. In a car, it wouldn’t be as bad but in a motorcycle it will be a lot worse especially since the bikes are a lot…

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