Essay about Should Animals Be Tested For Science Purposes?

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Did you know in industrial hatcheries, chicks suffer forcefully living their lives in confined cages, where males get destroyed and females suffer from beak and claw detachment, crammed into small cages to lay eggs for humans? This identifies one the many animal cruelties that occur in America. Harsh treatment should not exist to these defenseless creatures. The simple fact that animals cannot speak aloud should make their rights even more notable. Also, several alternatives to animal testing exist. One who has any humane implications would perceive animal rights not only as morally correct, but just and wise. Therefore, animals should not get tested on for science purposes, because of several logical reasons.
To start off, one must know the definition of animal rights; the same humane treatment and protection from exploitation and abuse that humans receive (Dictionary). A person should view animal rights as just and wise, because humans receive these rights too. "There is no fundamental difference between humans and the higher mammals in their mental faculties," (Darwin). Slavery and child labor allowed injustice and violated someone else 's rights. No one owns the right to take anyone else 's rights whether they live as humans or not. For example, a child born with blue eyes must serve as a waitress, and a child with green eyes must serve as a king. The child cannot control the features they come out with, as well as animals. Also, if one thinks wisely, they would note not…

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