Essay about Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion is widely debated across the world and in 1973 Roe v. Wade would start an issue with ethical and legal issues. America has multiple cases arguing why it should or shouldn’t be lawful to go through with this procedure. Women should have the power to get an abortion as It is her rights to decide if they aren’t capable for the responsibilities or duties of a child, the woman shouldn’t have to rely on anyone else, she should be able to make this decision as they have to carry it for 9 months and endure the physical pain. Abortion shouldn’t be illegal because it is justifiable in cases of rape, or when the woman has mental health or financial issues.
In the case of rape, it is unjustifiable to say that a woman has to carry a baby when she’s forced into intercourse with a man who the woman does not please. For those who say that abortion is so inhumane. People should look at why women get abortions, the act of rape is disgusting and not humane in anyway. The victim is going through enough and, having to be forced without choice to have a child if she consumes, so why make her carry the baby for 9 months knowing that the perpetrator has given her this child. Woman shouldn’t have no choice but to have mental viability for the child or have to take care of a child that is forced upon her own will. Having a child hurts very much, why put a victim of rape through more pain then she has to endure? Abortion isn’t illegal in other countries why would America make it…

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