Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal?

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What is the significance of five consecutive “zero’s” following the number fifteen? One and a half million lives of children would be saved per year in the United States if abortion were to be delegalized (Alcorn). Abortion has been a long lasting issue in the United States, specifically since the famous decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973. There are various problems, not just moral issues with legalizing abortion. Legalizing abortion denies the right of the child to have the choice to live, is morally and scientifically misguided, and does not acknowledge when an embryo is considered “life;” therefore abortion should be made illegal in all circumstances in the United States. There are many common pro-choice arguments. One argument is that abortion should be legal in cases of rape or incest. Randy Alcorn’s “Pro-Life Answers To Pro-Choice Arguments” explains, “Research shows that only 1 to 3 percent of abortions are performed for the reasons of rape, incest, deformity, or threat to the life of the mother”(Alcorn). Alcorn further states, “Even if there were legitimate grounds for abortion (such as rape, incest, deformity or threat to the mother 's life), it would in no way justify legal abortion for the typical cases (which are matters of convenience). These "convenience" cases account for more than 97 percent of all abortions, while the "legitimate" cases account for less than 3 percent” (Alcorn). Alcorn uses facts to shut down a main argument why abortion should be legal, in…

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