Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Should Abortion Be Legal? Abortion is one of the hottest topics debated in the world today. Some women believe that its their body so they have a right to do whatever they chose to. Others disagree because they believe women should own up to their mistakes and turn them into blessings. So what is the problem you may ask. Of course people are going to have their own opinions but are they wrong for aborting a human-being? The problem is everyone has a right to do what chose. Abortions should be illegal because it’s killing innocent people, it often brings shame, heartaches, and deep regret and it creates new problems. So why would you have an abortion? Getting a abortion is killing innocent life. Murder is the killing of an human life. Abortion is the killing of an human life. Therefore, abortion is murder. Many people decline the theory that abortion is the murder of an innocent human life. In article in the Dallas Morning News, abortion clinic administrator ,Charlotte Taft, made the following statement: “We were hiding…..some pieces of the truth about abortion that were threatening. [Abortion] is a kind of killing and most women seeking abortion know that (Mar 15,2013,Terzo). One could agree with Terzobecause abortion is not just killing, it puts more pressure on the mother. She thinks that abortion is the only thing to turn to. But in reality, a unborn should have a choice to live in this world with her mother. Abortion has killed 57 millions unborn babies. When it comes…

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