Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay example

1085 Words May 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Abortion has always and will always be major political controversy, and is mainly because nobody really knows who is right or wrong. Liberal society claim, that since is their body is part of their freedoms to decide whats best for them, but then we have the conservative side of the coin that believes that abortion is wrong and we should do everything possible to promote life instead. This controversy had been going on for many, many years now, right when it looks like one side is winning, the other makes a comeback and keeps the fight going on. Texas like many other states has been stuck right in the middle of the debated where a controversial fire has started, and recently pass laws are just adding more wood to the bone. In the 43 years that have passed since Roe Vs. Wade case were The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Constitutional protecting woman 's right on having abortions prior to the viability of the fetus. Countless and I’m talking countless laws have been passed restricting clinical facilities from providing abortion services. Texas it self is currently going trough a debated regarding its new recently approved law that requires doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and enforces clinics to upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards.
Liberal spectrum believe that this is just an another form of the government discasing laws to cover up what their real target is, the termination of abortion clinics. Resulting in a violation of women 's…

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