Abortion: Who's To Blame?

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Some people think that it is alright to have an abortion, but to me, that is not alright. To me, it is the person’s fault, who had sex in the first place, fault to have the baby. Even if People get raped and get pregnant I feel as if people should still care for the baby, and even if people do not do that, they can still put the baby up for adoption so that it can still live the life it deserves. Also, I felt like if people aborted a baby, and saw the baby that they pretty much just killed in the doctors hand, that they wouldn’t be able to live with them self and what they just did to the little baby, that has just as of a right to live as everyone else doe’s , and they just killed it for no reason because they did not think that they could …show more content…
Now ask me, I think that if People were pregnant and were thinking about getting an abortion, do not do it, because not only are people killing a baby, people might also take the life of yourself just because people were not ready when people had sex in the first place. Women have abortions for a lot reasons, for the very same reasons that woman who have access to modern birth stuff choose to use birth control. Women want to be able to delay having children if they do not have the money to take care of a baby, if they are not in a good relationship with someone who can help them care for a baby, or if they still need to finish their school. 222 million women in the 3rd world countries are trying to stay away from pregnancy, but are not using a up to date form of birth controls, putting themselves at risk for a pregnancy and an unsafe abortion. (Think Progress) Now the kind of abortion I’m talking about is when the girl goes into the doctor and goes to surgery to have to baby removed, not when they have sex, and people take birth control so that they don’t get pregnant. Me myself think that it is smart to take birth control after having sex, because that really is not abortion, that is just playing it safe I

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