Should Abortion Be Legal? Essays

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Essay: Agreement for Abortion Murderer! Soulless! Monster! People are shouting these terrible words to women that have made the decision to get an abortion. People are wrong to think about abortion as an evil thing because it 's against "morality." As a matter of fact, women should have the right to an abortion if they choose to, without being looked at as being evil. Women should have the choice to abort a pregnancy because it can save lives, can be reasonable for poorly timed pregnancies and can reduce a woman 's psychological stress. Initially, abortion can benefit everyone by saving lives. To illustrate, scientists have been able to use fetal tissue from donated fetuses to create cures for diseases; additionally, scientists have used the fetal tissue to create a vaccine against poliomyelitis, which is a disease that weakens the muscles until they become paralyzed. This polio vaccine has prevented the disease since the vaccine was introduced in 1955 and decreased the number of deaths by 2,979 by 1979. Furthermore, scientists have developed a vaccine from the donated fetuses that can reduce miscarriages for women who want to bare children. Abortions can also save a woman 's life when the pregnancy has become life-threatening. Secondly, abortion can be reasonable enough for poorly timed pregnancies. For example, there is more than enough evidence that babies who are not planned may encounter unhealthy risks, such as low birth-weight. A woman who really wants a…

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