Should Abortion Be Legal? The United States? Essay

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Should Abortion Be Legal In The United States?

Abortion is an important issue in the United States because it has created a lot of controversy within people. Being such a controversial issue it has created a political and moral divide. (Dionisio). Some people believe that it should be illegal, others believe it should be legal, and others believe there should just be restrictions. One of the things that make this such a controversial topic is the question of when life truly begins. Although some believe that life begins at conception or fertilization, as stated by scientists, others believe that life doesn 't begin until the fetus is more developed as is able to breath. This question then leads to the fetus 's rights versus the mothers rights. (Dionisio). Would having an abortion be taking away the unalienable right,( life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), from that human fetus? Or is denying abortion interfering with the women 's unalienable rights? People 's views on this issue vary from freedom rights, to moral beliefs, to religious opinions. Some people in the United States believe that abortion should be legal because women should be granted the right to make decisions that deal with their body, but many other people believe that it should be illegal because they think it is morally wrong and because it takes away a human life. Abortion had been practiced up until the 1800 's, but by then most states had banned it unless necessary to save a women 's life.…

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