Should Abortion Be Abortions? Essay

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There are many views on Abortion and whether Canada should continue to allow abortions to happen or not. An abortion is when a woman decides that she wants a professional doctor to terminate her pregnancy (Frequently Asked Questions, 2004). There are many hospitals, clinics, and physicians that will perform abortions but doctors do have the option to refuse to perform an abortion (Frequently Asked Questions, 2004). In Canada, there are no laws at all regarding abortion and without any laws on abortions it has proven that there is no need for laws (Arthur, 1999). The ruling to allow an abortion under all circumstances was a process that took many years. In 1969 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau 's Liberal government decriminalizes contraception and allowed abortion under certain circumstances. They ruled that, abortions may be performed in a hospital if a committee of doctors decides that continuing the pregnancy may endanger the mother 's life or health. At this time access to abortions varied across the country (News, 2013). In 1983 a Gallup poll shows that 72% of Canadians believe the decision to abort should rest solely with the pregnant woman and her doctor (News, 2013). Jan 28, 1988 The Supreme Court of Canada strikes down Canada 's abortion law as unconstitutional. The law is found to violate Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it infringes upon a woman 's right to "life, liberty and security of person." Chief Justice Brian Dickson writes: "Forcing a…

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