Essay about Shortage of Specialists in Emergency Room

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Shortage of Specialists in Emergency Rooms In today’s emergency rooms, it has become routine to not be able to see a specialist for the ailment a patient came in for. Many times, except in absolute emergencies, the patient’s pain will be treated and they will be referred to a specialist’s office and directed to make an appointment for follow up care. Many issues play into the reduction of specialists available in the emergency room and range from the need to pay specialists for their time on call to many specialists choosing to be exclusively office-based and not participating in emergency room call at all.
Differences in Organizations In a situation such as specialist shortages, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in the
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Twenty-three percent of the hospitals experienced a loss or downgrade in trauma center designation levels as a result of on-call specialist coverage problems,” (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011).
Perspectives and Responsibilities of Financial Management From the financial perspective, management must look at the costs associated with transferring patients out to facilities with specialist coverage versus paying the stipends or contracting with specialists to keep patients in house. The money lost due to transferring a patient includes a possible hospital stay, diagnostic testing, possible surgery charges, etc. If this money outweighs what it would cost to somehow secure specialty coverage, management should look further into the issue.
Rules and Regulations that Need to be Addressed When attempting to financially secure specialists to take emergency room call, financial management needs to take into account the financial implications that will affect the hospital. In addition to this, management must also be take in account the physician’s requirements as outlined in the hospital medical staff bylaws, Medicare requirements, and any other contracts and/or agreements the specialist may have. One specific bylaws amendment at many hospitals is the requirement to take call to be a member of the

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