Essay on Short-Term Premarital Relationships

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Short-term Premarital Relationships
Brenda M. Ellis
July 2, 2009
COUN 603
Liberty University

Short-term premarital relationships are the subject of debate in many families. The idea of a couple living together without being married is just one of the many problems in relationships today that end up going through divorce court. Short-term relationships do not have the staying power as one where the couples are getting to know one another for a longer period-of-time. The relationship does not have time to manifest into something that will last a lifetime. In this day and time, short-term relationships have a propensity to become a short-term life span. This report will
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She would have stayed, had he gotten help, gotten a job and matured. But, the betrayal was hard and neither got over the fact that it happened. Today, they are good friends and he always teases her about getting back together. She moved on and is much happier in her new married life to a man she has known her entire life. Personally, I believe that people must accept responsibility for the choices that they make rather than blaming others for their difficulties in their marriages. We all face the same difficulties, but some individuals seem to be able to succeed and cope in a positive manner while others deal poorly or make destructive choices. I believe that Christianity can help people mend, repair, and become more stable in their married life. If you are a Christian counselor and you accept the challenge of others coming to you for guidance, then you have the influence and the responsibility to help them get on the right track. “The major causes of marital failure described were lack of emotional mutuality and communication, physical and emotional abuse, and alternative adulterous relationships.” (Rokach, 2004). I would find out what the problem is and see if I could find a starting point that would not set off any feelings of resentment or animosity towards whomever or whatever the circumstances are that lead the couple to this

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