Cause And Effect Essay: What Caused The Civil War?

What Caused the Civil War? In 1861, issues between Northern and Southern United States were at a climax because of rights and federal authority, westward expansion, and slavery. Election of Abraham Lincoln, an anti-slavery Republican as president caused seven southern states to secede from the Union, to form the Confederate States of America. The essential economic differentiated between the Northern and Southern regions. In the North, industry and manufacturing were well incorporated. As in the South, the economy was based on plantations and the labor of black slaves. The largest profitable crops were tobacco and cotton. Being that the North opposed slavery, many southerners feared the existence of slavery and the backbone of their income was in jeopardy. The Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865 ending in a Union victory with slavery abolished. Being one of the most memorable wars fought in American history, many factors played an important part in leading to this historic significant time.
One of the first causes of the Civil War was the Missouri Compromise. As sectional disagreements arose between abolitionists and supporters of slavery within the U.S. Congress and the entire country. The Northern states
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This leading the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which permitted Kansas and Nebraska to decide if they wanted slaves or not. Lincoln’s election was undoubtedly the main cause of the war, because the South felt like their rights and livelihood were going to get taken away from them. As a result, seven states seceded. The Battle of Fort Sumter ensued soon after four more state joined, forming the Confederate States of America. The war ended in 1865 and slavery was finally abolished. But what was the price? The death toll skyrocketed. The war itself was the most costly war, but it has still remained a remarkable part of our

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