Short Summary : ' The King Like I Am From Akron ' Essays

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3 chainz, owww
Caught up in my bullshit, put your head on backwards
And skate off after, engage in laughter ‘bout what just happened
Fingers in napkins get sent to mammies; is that too graphic?
Catch you in traffic, you sitting daffy like stealing candy
My ceiling’s absent, my wheels are massive, my friends assassins
All of us bastards, our mothers queens and our women dancers
My rivers rapid, my fins are splashin’, my gills are flappin’
I bit some matches, then sipped some gas and went, kiss the dragon

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
I’m really rappin’, no finger snappin’, I’m pistol packin’
Y’all niggas slippin’, my swag is drippin’, so here’s a napkin
What’s really happnin’ bro?
Verbal attackin’, I’m showing passion
Know what I mean, see I’m the king like I’m from Akron
I’m going overboard, somebody call the captain
And when it come to getting checks, I always want the fat ones
I’m so high I can sing to a chandelier
My flow a glass of Ace of Spade and yours a can of beer

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Too many bitches, too many blunts, too many buttons
Not enough bullets, them niggas buggin’, the swat is comin’
AK on shoulder, no shoulder shruggin’, aim at ya nugget
My weed sticky like acupuncture and magnets honey
Knock on the side door three times and have your money
Or get to steppin’ like Kappas stompin’, I’ll slap a junkie
I’m having lunch with Italian Sonny, don’t ask the subject
Lord why you took Rabbit from me, he say don’t ask me nothing
Too many bodies, too many bangers, too many…

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