Forgetfulness: A Symptom Of Alzheimer's Disease

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Forgetfulness is something that happens to everyone. Normally, it is just a normal thing that has no big impact on someone’s life. However, for some it has a tremendous impact on their lives and others around them. The everyday continuous forgetfulness could be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease affects the family and the primary caregiver more than it affects the diagnosed individual.
The diagnosed individual is not as affected as the family and primary caregiver. On the contrary, there are a ton of symptoms for the disease and they progressively get worse as time goes on. The diagnosed individual’s memory is one of the main and first noticeable symptoms of the disease. They start of by repeating stories, questions, and
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The caregiver has to worry about all of the bills and bank accounts. The diagnosed individual is not able to comprehend numbers. Therefore, they would not be able to tell if something was $1 or $100. If the caregiver was not doing this before, they now have to take care of these on top of their normal things and taking care of the individual. The caregiver starts to think ahead to the future. They have to have everything in place money wise in case they pass first because their spouse would not be able to comprehend and sign off for things that involved their money. They have a ton of bills. They have trials that they tried to stop or stall the disease with. They have test that they have had to run to ensure the health of the one they are caring for. They might even have to have home health come in which is an added cost on top of all the doctors’ …show more content…
They basically lose a family member even though they are still alive because they cannot comprehend things and are not themselves. If that was the person you trusted and talked about everything with, they have no one to turn to or cry on someone else’s shoulder, because that one person you went to all the time is basically gone. One of the most emotional affecting things, they will probably forget your name and possibly even you as the disease progresses. If a family member walks into a room of the diagnosed individual and they do not recognize you that is going to hurt the family member very deep. However, the diagnosed individual will not even realize they are hurting someone that loves them because they do not know the person. Everyone in the family also has to watch each other struggle with the fact that the individual has Alzheimer’s. My mom said “She noticed something was not normal with grandma and she told papa. However, he did not want to accept that she had a disease. Therefore, my mom had to sit around watching for a year until papa made an appointment with a neurologist.” The diagnosed individual will not see the rippling effect of all the hurt, but others in the family will see every little ripple of emotional struggle that goes through their

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