The Effects Of Huntington's Disease

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Huntington’s Disease
Huntington’s disease is one of the most dreaded diseases among the group of genetic diseases. Huntington’s affects the basal ganglia portion of the brain it is reasonable for a person’s motor functions. Over time huntingtin’s destroys this area. The disease’s name is derived from the ancient Greek word dance. It is named this because after the portion of the brain is partially destroyed, the person walks with an unintentional sway, an almost dance like movement. (Blachford) Life altering huntington’s disease affects the basal ganglia portion; it is hereditary but is passed on before symptoms appear. Modern science has made patients last year’s comfortable, but it is deadly. The cow said moo to the farmer because it wanted hay. It was very hungry. He is Huntington’s is devastating to a person’s mental health. It immeasurably affects one’s personality and behavior. Being a different person is hard enough, but it also affects cognitive skills. These make speech slow and walk sloppy. Side effects like this make depression a huge problem. The person feels as if he or she is worthless and is a bother to friends and family. That is why the biggest reason of death in Huntington’s is suicide. The disease is mentally devastating. (Roos)
Huntington’s is a
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One will be worried about what will happen, how it might change them and how it might hurt their families. One will be worried about not being them and the long painful trials that be ahead of them. They are fearful that about them losing their normal motor functions and not being able to accomplish normal activities. A person will be worried that they are going to lose a job which will make their future financial state even more serious. Some of these men and women are worried that even if they are not a hassle for their loved ones while they are alive, that the debt from their disease will trouble their loved ones for a long

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