Why Is It Important For Elderly People Start To Be Forgetful?

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Some people, when they reach a certain age, start to become forgetful. One must wonder, is this normal behavior or the start of an illness that later, might become long term. Memory problems can be freighting. When do you seek help? I’m sure many elderly people are forgetful at times, and may think it’s nothing. If they can perform the basic activities of daily living and procedural skills with no issues, then forgetting a little here and there can’t possibly be that bad. Well, I pray that no one has that type of mentality. You shouldn’t wait until it’s too late, to seek help. Especially when there’s too much damage to your brain that is beyond repair. Mild cognitive impairment, which is also known as MCI, “characterizes a person who has memory complaints but still functions independently” (Zwerling, 2015). On the D.S.M5, MCI is recently redefined as mild neurocognitive disorder. It has the same concept as MCI but is considered to be the pre-dementia phase.
Those with MCI can still live and not progressed to dementia. “In fact, a large proportion of people with mild cognitive problems never will develop dementia — but doctors
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Research suggest that even with earlier diagnoses, early detection does not always lead to better health or longer lives. The wishful outcome is to be able to intervene and slow down the dementia process. It can, however according to research, “lead to unnecessary treatments and procedures involving risks of their own” (Span, 2013). Over diagnosis may occur. Those who are pre-diagnoses, may end up later in life being completely normal and may have been susceptible to unnecessary test that was not needed, Or become paranoid and worry like crazy. Yes the set backs are important, which is why it is so important to always have regular visit with your doctor. Frequent visit with your doctor, develops a good relationship and over diagnosis may be less

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