Short Essay: Are You A Smart Traveler?

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Are you a Smart Traveller?
There is a saying which goes, ‘Everyone can work hard but only a few people can work smart.’ It is also true when it comes to travelling. People may travel all over the world or travel local. The experience it provides differs across people and the places they visit. Apart from using a common sense approach, which may not always be enough, you may want to keep yourself on your toes even though you think otherwise.
I’m not trying to scare you here. What I am going to present here are just facts which most of you will agree. So who or what makes a traveller smart? A traveller should not simply travel to any destination. He or she should research well about the destination they are planning to visit. The current information
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According to one report by, in 2012, international tourist’s arrival exceeded one billion. When you compare this data 10 years earlier, the number has increased by 50%. As more and more travellers take to the skies for their vacations, it becomes imperative for the ubiquitous travel to apply for travel insurance. Travel insurance has evolved tremendously and caters to the traveller’s various needs: be it he or she is travelling locally or internationally. It provides immense benefits in times of need especially during a medical emergency, delayed flights and loss of one’s baggage.
If you are susceptible to common ailments like cough, cold and fever easily, you should carry some of the medications with you. Illness often strikes when you least expect it. It would be better to be safe rather than sorry and chances are that your medicines that are conveniently available locally may be inconveniently unavailable at your travel destinations.
Plan your trip in advance; give it at least a few days if you have to do lots of packing. Check and re-check your belongings and preferably – make a check list, carry it with you all the time, make it a habit to use this checklist every time you pack or un-pack your baggage. If you are not a frequent traveller, this will help you a great deal and also ensure you do not leave any of your things behind

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