The Warao Tribe By Jennifer Fitzwater

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Health issues and the decline of the Warao Tribe by Jennifer Fitzwater

Objective In any culture/society disease and health related issues have many devastating affects. In very remote parts of the word these problems can wipe out an entire group. In the remote village on the Orinoco River Delta in Venezuela lives the Warao tribe. In recent years many diseases have made their way into this remote village. These diseases have created a deadly problem for the tribe. I would like to find out how Venezuela is helping to remedy these diseases. Are these issues happening to other remote villages or just the Warao? How can society help with medical care and treatment in this area? This project anticipates that if not treated these diseases be
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It will also be necessary to get any immunizations I will need before the trip. I will also need a laptop (even though power will be a problem), notebooks, usb drive, portable hard drive, pencils and pens, tape recorders, cameras, maps and gps unit, film, tapes, batteries, tent (just in case), plastic bags and containers, and pocket …show more content…
I am going to immerse myself in their culture. I plan to “…share activities, attend ceremonies, eat together, and generally become part of the rhythm of everyday life” (Ferraro 107). I will be able to hear of health issues from the tribe and be able to go to that persons place. This way I am more able to watch and document health incidents as they arise. I will be able to see firsthand what is going on. I can watch and describe the inter-action and relationship between the Warao. I will document these incidences and my daily routine in a journal. Some days I will video tape daily life and any incidents that may arise and I will use a tape

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