Introvert Characteristics

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There are different types of being introvert but they share certain traits in common. When you say introvert, what does it mean? It doesn't mean you hate people. Of course not. You just prefer being on your own. You are just happier when you are alone. You enjoy activities and hobbies that don't have to involve other people. You like reading books, browsing the internet, playing games in your phone or computer, daydreaming and analyzing events and thoughts, and talking to yourself.
In attending events like parties, you enjoy the company of your friends, you appreciate meeting new people but the happy feeling does not last long. Then you go back to your table and wait patiently until the party is over. Then you daydream again of taking a
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You do not speak just for the sake of it. For you, there is no thing such as unnecessary conversations. At least for you, you do it only with your closest friends or relatives.
It is not easy for you to open up about your feelings. If you have any problem, you choose to deal with it on your own. You don't want to be a burden anyone. You do not like to be an additional load to someone by listening to your rants.
A good thing about being introvert is that simple things can make you happy. You don't need a lot to be happy. Just the comfort of your home is enough. You do not have to spend a lot of money just to entertain yourself.
When engaging in a conversation, you tend to be very careful about what you say. You believe in "Less talk, less mistakes". Your silence might get misunderstood. You can't expect everyone to understand your struggles. They have no idea that you are just trying so hard to please them. You avoid talking because you do not want to say something that could offend them. But if you think about it, your silence offends them anyway. It is not pleasant to force yourself to do or say things you do not like. Tell them you don't mean to offend them. It is just your personal preference and that you hope they don't take it
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You get a little anxiety attack when you see a notification on your phone so you wait until they stop and send you a message instead. You think that if it is important, they will send you a text message right? Some may think it is rude but you just don't feel comfortable about it. A little practice can help but it is never easy.
One more thing is that you avoid confrontations. You try to understand people who do you wrong even if they won't explain or ask for forgiveness. You try your best to be patient with them.
You like having friends but not their idea of friendship. You want some company but not all the time. And when you are together, you do better in listening and observing rather than talking. Let them know that you appreciate their presence and friendship but you need your alone time to refill your energy.
You care too much about what others think and feel than yours.
Did anyone say you are living in your own

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