Shopping Center Assessment Is A Patron Of The Store Using A Wheelchair

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The status and impairment that I chose to address while doing the shopping center assessment was a patron of the store using a wheelchair. Hastings was the store that I assessed for accessibility, maneuverability, and safety using the Americans with Disabilities Act criteria. The following 13 categories represent the Accessibility Audit Requirements (Pierson & Fairchild, 2008).
Ramps and slopes:
The front entrance of the building did have an accessible slope from the road way to the sidewalk; however, it didn’t appear very safe. The measurements of the slope were, 41 inches long and 3 inches tall. It was not made of a smooth concrete, but rather it was made from asphalt. This made for a bumpy surface with uneven transitions that could be hazardous for a client in a wheelchair to maneuver.
Doors and hallways:
The front entrance didn’t have a push button to automatically open the doors. The two sets of double doors that allowed entrance into the building were heavy and would require a fair amount of upper extremity strength. A patron must first open the first set of double doors then turn sharp right to open the second set of double doors. This would not be ideal for a client in a wheelchair to maneuver independently. A second person would most likely be needed to hold one set of doors open for the client to be able to enter the building. This assistance could pose a safety risk if the client were trying to exit in a hurry.
I didn’t recognize or notice any signs…

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