Sheryl Sandberg Equality

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What is equality? The definition of equality is the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities. In America; male or female, black or white, everyone is guaranteed equality. Every American citizen has the same rights, opportunities, and along with being equal in social status, or do they… Sheryl Sandberg, the author of “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid,” has her own opinion on equality in today’s American society between men and women. Sandberg argues that women need to be more ambitious to acquire more leadership roles. She also argues that gender stereotypes are a big problem in our society today. Sheryl Sandberg does not believe that we have complete equality today. She believes that men are currently running the …show more content…
Sandberg states that, “From a very early age, boys are encouraged to take charge and offer their opinions” (Pg. 652). She explains that teachers interact more with boys and that boys are more likely to call out answers. She then says that when they do, teachers usually listen to them. Then she goes on by saying that, when girls call out answers, teachers often scold them for breaking the rules and remind them to raise their hands if they want to speak. Here, Sandberg gives an example of her many stereotypes that she uses throughout her essay.
In addition to boys given more opportunities than girls are, Sandberg also believes that men receive more opportunities than women do. Sandberg defines these as gender stereotypes. Later, Sandberg goes on by saying, “The gender stereotypes introduced in childhood are reinforced throughout our lives and become self-fulfilling prophesies. Most leadership positions are held by men, so women do not expect to achieve them that becomes one of the reasons they don’t” (Pg. 653). Sandberg very clearly states that she believes that men, given more opportunities for leadership positions, are something that needs to
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First off, I am going to be using Bell Hooks’ story “Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In” to support and back-up my own argument. I am going to go back to my first paragraph about Sandberg, where I said that she thinks that men are currently running the world in today’s society. First off, men are not currently running the world in today’s society. Yes, more men are involved in leadership roles than women are, but you cannot just come out and say men are currently running the world. For instance, there are some very powerful women in the United States as politicians. A couple of these women would be Hillary Clinton, Democratic frontrunner for president in the 2016 election. Also, Carly Fiorina; she is third in the polls amongst Republican politicians. Therefore, it is not fair of her to claim that men are running the

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