Sherry Turkle: A Community Analysis

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Community means a myriad of things to different people. Often people are mistaken with the word community. The first thing that may come to mind is your location, where you live, the people who surround your home. That is not necessarily the case. A community can be a group of people who share common interests. For example, there can be a community of middle aged moms going through a hard time with their families or a community of men and women who enjoy fishing. The key to understanding what a community is, is knowing that the people in your community are there to help but you, but as an active member of that community, you will also have to contribute back. Imagine a community as two people equally pulling a rope on both sides, you have to hold …show more content…
The internet can be a tool for a community to run more smoothly. Just because we use our phones and electronic devices more often than we did 100 years ago does not mean we have become completely cold and cruel humans. No matter how much technology advances, we are humans and we will always have the ability to feel and have feelings.
In Sherry Turkle’s book, Reclaiming Conversation, the author is optimistic that we still have time to reverse the effects of technology. She is incorrect. Some technological advancements are helping to give people a second chance at life and this is not something they want reversed. Instead I would tell Sherry Turkle to really try and make the most of how much technology has advanced and live with it, because there is no way we are going back. As I read her book I noticed how many connection Sherry Turkle made about how the media has basically destroyed our lives. On page 55 Sherry Turkle speaks about the point I made above. Sherry Turkle mentions her conversation with some parents who work for social media companies who sent their kids to school so they can

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